Ericsson, Inc.

6300 Legacy Drive, Plano, TX 75024 United States

About Us

Ericsson is the world’s leading provider of communications technology and services. We have years of experience partnering with regional carriers and service providers across the U.S, to provide solutions focused on:

- 4G/5G networks and services

- Fixed wireless access (LTE and CBRS bands)

- Microwave and transport

As a part of our rural focus, we developed the Regional Connect program to better meet the needs of Tier 3 carriers. We currently work with more than 100 regional carriers and welcome new members to the Regional Connect community. If you would like to learn more about how Ericsson can help you improve your network and business performance, please contact us.

In addition, you can always reach out to the Ericsson Digital Sales team with any questions or sales inquiries via email or phone 1-833-374-7253.